Student Challenge

Welcome to the Rensselaer Ramblurr Student Challenge Page. Here we will post challenges daily that both middle school and high school students may take part in. These challenges range from moderate to hard. Below is a list and description of our current challenge(s).

* Please note that participants must follow the rules and guidelines listed below. Participants who do not follow the task will not be entered to win a prize at the conclusion of the Student Challenge.

1) Locker Challenge – The student(s) who comes up with the most decorated and organized locker will be submitted to winning a prize from the Rensselaer Ramblurr. They will also have their picture taken, displaying their character and creative work. Pictures will be displayed in the Ramblurr with participant approval.

Rules: Each participating locker must be fully decorated and organized to the best of your ability. Lockers must have both creative and entertaining elements. Please note that these elements must be school appropriate. If you have any questions as to whether your locker is school appropriate or meets our requirements please feel free to contact a Ramblurr staff member or Mr. Hoffman (Adviser to the Ramblurr). Also feel free to drop us a line on the web at: – we hope to hear from you soon!


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