Below is a list of stories from the Rensselaer Ramblurr pertaining to entertainment. Views expressed in these stories are solely those of their rightful publishers.


Student Challenge – Each month we will post a new challenge for the students of Rensselaer Middle High School to take part in. Students who win the challenge will have their picture posted in the Rensselaer Ramblurr and may win a prize!

Movie Reviews – Each month we will post a new movie review. Movie reviews will have a summary of what each movie is about and quotes from the characters.

Puzzles / Comics – Each month we will post new puzzles and comics that our audience can download and print out. We will often post puzzles relating to past additions of the Ramblurr, school spirit, “RAM PRIDE,” and months and seasons. Check back daily for an updated list of puzzles and comics.


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