Twilight Saga

December 24, 2008

Have you read Twilight by Stephenie Meyers? Many of you are probably saying yes. Did you decide to read this book because you thought it was going to be good or because everyone else was reading it?

– Samantha Scully (2008 – 2009 Staff) –


Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist

October 1, 2008


“You are my soul mate” – Nora

This movie was alright. It did not make my list of favorite movies of all time, but you should still see it. It is funny and many can relate as it is more geared to an adolescent audience. The music is refreshing, as it is not the typical stuff they play in Hollywood movies. It’s based on a book! I had no idea. If I had a book report to write I would (hint, hint) look into reading it. Basically, the movie is about two strangers who happen to meet on a sleepless night full of coincidences and chaos, as they search for a secret concert rumored to be in New York City. As these events unfold, Nick and Norah find that their taste in music draws them together. Music is a powerful force that should not be underestimated. Nick is still not over his ex, Tris (Miley Cyrus look-a-like), although she is clearly over him, and at the outset of the movie, he is making her a mix CD (Road to Closure Volume 12). Tris attends school with Norah, so even before they personally meet, Nick and Norah are already linked. When Tris throws away the mix CD’s, Norah cannot help but retrieve them for herself. One thing I found entertaining was their pursuit for “Fluffy.” As they found clues to the location of their favorite band (Where’s Fluffy?), I found myself becoming more excited as they came closer to their target. I like the idea of a band having their fans hunt them down t prove their dedication. I was disappointed however, that Nick and Norah did not stay for the show due to all the drama being caused by their exes. “Nick and Norah” stars Michael Cera as Nick, Kat Dennings as Norah, Alexis Dziena as Tris, and Ari Graynor as Caroline. It is rated PG-13 (for mature thematic material, including teen drinking, sexuality, language and crude behavior) and runs for about 1 hour 30 minutes. And with that, I finish with my final statement: Do not EVER, under any circumstance, share gum, not even with you best bud.

– Paulene Balabala (2008 – 2009 Staff) –