Bailout: Good or Bad?

October 1, 2008

In the 1930’s the United States entered a terrible depression caused by a “crash” in the Stock Market. Thousands were left homeless as banks failed and money was no longer distributed as freely. It is now 2008 and this country has moved beyond the possibilities of a depression…or has it. Recently the Stock Market is in turmoil. In order to stop our economy from falling into a similar depression, congress passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 commonly known as “The Bailout” which allows the government to step in and purchase distressed assets. The act, proposed by President George W. Bush is also supported by rival candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. A potential negative effect of the Bailout would be an increase in taxes to cover government spending on the distressed bank assets. A minor outcry has erupted over this issue which brings to mind an important debate: Higher taxes or an unstable economy. Many people complain about how high taxes are now. While the bailout may save our economy now, the increased taxes may hurt the economy further down the road. Debates over the bailout still continue in congress.

– Dan Mann –


What’s With George?

October 1, 2008


The question outwordly expressed by students this year returning to their regal hall of knowledge was the following, “Why is there a random picture of George Washington on the wall?”, an answer I’m now delighted to share with our readers. Apparently an oppurtunity emerged that introduced the portrait. Any school principle who writes a letter on a school head and sends it to Ann Bay, associate director for education; could not only recieve the beautiful reproduction of Rembrandt Peale’s painting of our first president, but also an American Flag that had flow over Mt. Vernon. Dr. Dawkins caught word of this oppurtunity from English 11 teacher Mrs. Wright, who is a part of the National Society: Daughters of the American Revolution, Dr. Dawkins was delighted at the news and jumped at the oppurtunity. Now that we are all aware of where it came from, I have a question for the readers. Did you know that it is against the law to not have a picture of the first president George Washingtion in our school? Yes, a law passed in 1939 mandated that every classroom must have a picture of the founding father of America. Something which our school once lacked has now gained back. Fligh high Ram Pride.

– Ashley Salvinski –

Dessert Theater

October 1, 2008

The drama club this year is presenting some exciting new plays,
Her Heart Belongs To Heartburn, The Plot to Assassinate the Chase Manhattan Bank, Murder at the Banquet, and Rollin’ in Dough in Mistletoe.

HER HEART BELONGS TO HEARTBURN is a comedy about these three sisters Bertha Backbite, Belinda Backbite, and Mary Belle. Their father in his will left his Inn to Mary Belle without her knowing. Belinda and Bertha plan to illegally obtain the Inn until a man
named Harry Heartburn arrives and accidentally an unknowingly
ruins their plan.

The Plot to Assassinate the Chase Manhattan Bank is a comedy about a desperate man named Wilbur Fuddle Jr. and his attempt to rob the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Murder at the Banquet is a murder mystery/comedy about a banquet held for the First Annual Hall of Fame for the Association of Mystery Solvers that ends up being the murdering place of Captain Nathan Wimberly, head of the Association of Mystery Solvers and the place of death for 98 year old mystery solver Agatha
Preakness. Who was the murderer? Will he or she be caught?

Rollin’ in Dough in Mistletoe is a Christmas musical about the small town of Mistletoe. The evil villain Rolland N. Dough has an evil plot to ruin Christmas in that little town. Will he be stopped? Will the little town of Mistletoe have a ruined Christmas?
Can anyone save them? Watch and find out.

– Jordan Maya –