October 2008

October 1, 2008

Every Friday, there is some big event one which has people talking all week, one that attracts the most attention and the most encouragement. Every Friday this event is typically a football game or a basketball game depending on the season. Yes it is a great talent to be able to excel at these particular sports, however no one gives any
consideration to the kids not on the field or out on the court. Every year two events take place, one in the fall and one in the spring. The week before Thanksgiving, Dessert Theater performs a show, and then in the Spring typically April a musical is also performed. In large schools it is typical that kids stay in their comfort zone, however
it is a small school we all attend and many times it is the theater that brings all the different groups together on one stage.

Often times people disregard the drama club as anything, a group of students who couldn’t play sports so they went and tried out for the low budget play. Yes the drama club doesn’t have the best budget, and yes a lot of the students can not play a sport. That does not however dismiss the talent possessed by every actor and actress
on stage, not to mention the students who work the stage. A magnificent techie, Dave Ellis ridden with talent, often goes unrecognized.

Another group that is easily dismissed is the music department. If it weren’t for Ms. Sheldon and Mr. Lang conducting two concerts every year the school would not even glance at the thought of music being a giant part of the students lives. My point in these rants is there are other things worth looking at. Drama Club, and music. Sports rule Rensselaer High and while our Rams do a fantastic job against other schools, credit should also be given to the not so popular things. Because there is talent in places other then the locker room.