Once a journalism class headed by 12th grade English teacher Mr. Toney, The Rensselaer Ramblurr is now an extra-curricular activity. The Ramblurr represents students who are interested in the opportunity to explore the world of journalism and learn how a newspaper is put together. In an interview, Mr. Hoffman, Adviser of the new Ramblurr stated, “A school paper is important for every school to have, it is the voice of the students,” expressing a grand knowledge to it’s readers. The Ramblurr also increases school pride in addition to relating with the new definition to the phrase RAM PRIDE. Respect, Attitude, Motivation, Purpose, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. Every characteristic held by RAM PRIDE is one in which the Ramblurr honorably carries. With the release of our first issue, Mr. Hoffman said that he is very excited to see the publicity.

– Ashley Salvinkski (2008-2009 Chief Editor) –

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