Congrats Grads!

I would like to wish the RHS Class of 2010 a warm congratulations on this journey in life. We as a class, made a goal to be successful from the beginning. In 2006, we made a goal to stick together as a class, succeed as a class, and graduate together as a class. Our goal was hard to accomplish. However, together, we made this very goal possible. Many of us will be moving on in life. Some will be attending local colleges, while others may be heading overseas. However, our distant relationships will form a tight bond that will never be broken. Each member of our class, holds a piece of the memories we’ve shared throughout the course of the years. These memories will last forever. RHS is no longer our alma mater. However, we can now cherish the memories we’ve left behind in the halls of the campus we moved into during 10th grade. Farewell to my fellow classmates and best of wishes for future success! Also, farewell to the RHS Ramblurr. I wish Mr. Hoffman the best of luck for finding a replacement to take over as the 2010-2011 Editor.

– Dave Ellis (2009-2010 RHS Ramblurr Editor)


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