“Tags” To Open Soon!

Bruce Adams “Tags” is coming along pretty quickly. Work began more than two months ago and today final adjustments are being made to complete the overhaul. If everything is completed on time, Tags will be opening on May 1st. The inside of the store has undergone tremendous change. Black and white checkered floors are the main highlight. However, who could miss the bright yellow walls or the marble-like counter tops? In the back, the in-wall refrigeration system has been removed, replaced by floor standing coolers. The floor plan has increased in size and there are more shelves for foods. Remember the wall of chips on the far side of the store? Floor standing coolers have now been added to this area. So far, only a limited supply of drinks have arrived. Food and other items have not yet been purchased. However, foods and drinks should be arriving this week. There is rumor that Tags will even be selling fresh slices of pizza throughout the day. Recently, the Downhill Deli changed it’s name to “The Deli on Broadway,” with upgrades to floors arriving soon. Maybe they are getting ready for the new competition. Are you ready to buy subs? Tags will be opening on Saturday, May 1st, the store will be open to 9:00 pm and it will be closed on Sundays.


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